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Group of employees in a circle for a teambuilding activity

Be First-Class With Us

We take immense pride in the number of employees in leadership today who started at our call center, as groundskeepers, or as leasing consultants. Our environment of mutual respect makes us a first class workplace. 

Our Culture

GSC believes in and fosters a diverse and inclusive environment that is reflected in our communities and team members. 

We foster a strong employee community through emphasis on a healthy workplace environment. 
Large cut-out letters of the GSC logo arranged for a celebration

What Professionalism means to us

A chart explaining the 3 components of GSC professionalism: Strength, Growth, and Culture. Strength inclueds financial responsibility and development. Growth includes staying up to date with skills and constant performance improvement. Culture includes making a positive impact on those around us and creating healthy communities. We care for each others' success!

Why work at GSC?

GSC employee shaking hands with a friendly dog

What we look for in job candidates

Our leadership strongly believes in growing and developing our people. We desire for all employees to reach their full potential in a thriving, healthy workplace environment. 

Customer service attitude

We view all people here as customers, whether they work for us or they are our residents. Our leaders are servant leaders. 

Self-motivation is key

Employees who have succeeded at GSC have displayed a positive attitude, reliability, and the ability to learn and apply new skills. 

Great attitudes live here

We strive to foster a healthy workplace environment. This means searching for candidates with great attitudes who can demonstrate a customer service mindset. 

The GSC Spirit

Successful GSC employees display the following attributes: 

  • A positive attitude 

  • Reliability 

  • Strong work ethic 

  • The will to create an environment of excellence 

  • A dedication to career-long learning

GSC employees in a big friendly group waving hello
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