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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The Head of GSC's Training Department explains the motivation behind GSC's commitment to ongoing training and development.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of continuous training and development?

First, our commitment to continuous training and development shows the value GSC places on the individual. Second, it shows the commitment the company has to growing the company with the individuals. It’s a partnership. We are showing our willingness to be a partner with each employee. As we grow, you grow. I think one other thing is that we understand that when new employees come to us, they have aspirations. Continuous growth allows you to get to those goals, and we hope you hope you reciprocate that by being invested in us.

What can GSC employees expect in terms of training and development?

They can expect cutting edge, ongoing, and individual-centric training. Our training is individual-centric because we have so many different positions, and we train specifically for each position.For example, a leasing consultant receives very different training from a service technician. Also, we provide ongoing training throughout the year, and it can cover anything from classroom sessions to on-the-job training to outsourced training. We bring in guest speakers for Fair Housing compliance training sessions, and we even have mobile training platform. Employees can expect training to be continuous, centered on them, and focused on helping them grow.

Why should every employee learn leadership skills?

We cannot be a leader in the industry unless our people are leaders. We want every employee to understand the leadership they can practice in their role and to realize a certain level of excellence in their performance. Secondly, we think that leaders make better, happier, more satisfied employees. When you lead, you find you do the job better, you treat our customers better, you are more engaged in the job, and that makes the relationship between the employee and the company richer.

Why does GSC invest in ongoing training and development for employees?

These programs create a richer relationship between employee and employer, and it shows our commitment to the employee and their growth. The investment is because we understand the strategic component our employees play in reaching our ultimate goals. The employees are part of us; without them we cannot reach our corporate goals.

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