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GSC's vision is to provide first class apartment homes and apartment services. What does that mean about working with us?

Our culture of service can be seen in our slogan, "Residents are People First". When GSC was founded over four decades ago, many apartment companies treated people as economic units. The industry had a culture of seeing Residents not as people living in their homes, but simply "renters" in "units" who did not require great service to be content.

Our focus has always been different. We strive to provide customer satisfaction by serving our Residents in a first class manner. We recognize that we are in our Residents' homes, and we treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. We fix problems completely, and we do not rush in correcting a mistake because it is better to do the job fully than to save time and only do it halfway. This dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow across the country from our home base in Richmond, Virginia.

Putting together a team capable of providing this caliber of service is no mean feat. GSC offers training and incentives that promote teamwork and the creation of an environment that makes life easier for our Residents. We believe it is always possible to do better, and we strive to make it happen through cooperation and perseverance. When you join GSC, you join a team that is committed to treating all of our Residents and Employees as individuals, not as economic units.

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